Prix AFC’s nominations announcement

The French Society of Cinematographers is proud to announce the nominees of the first Prix AFC’s edition.

Tabulation of the nominees was overseen by a lawyer, Maître Bouvet, 354 rue Saint-Honoré, 75001 Paris, on December 15th, 2023.

The winners will be announced at the MICRO SALON AFC (Parc Floral de Paris) on February 7th, 2024.

Thanks to all the cinematographers for their participation!

1st Prix AFC nominations list

 CLOSE, directed by Lukas Dhont, cinematography by Frank Van Den Eeden, NSC, SBC
 EO, directed by Jerry Skolimowski, cinematography by Michał Dymek, PSC
 JOYLAND, directed by Saim Sadiq, cinematography by Joe Saade
 SUNDOWN, directed by Michel Franco, cinematography by Yves Cape, AFC
 TÁR, directed by Todd Field, cinematography by Florian Hoffmeister, BSC

SERIES BEST PICTURE (episode, pilot or mini-series):
 1985 (S.1, Ep.2 "Donnant-donnant"), directed by Wouter Bouvijn, cinematography by Wim Vanswijgenhoven, SBC
 EXTRAPOLATION (S.1, Ep.5 "2059 Part II, Nightbirds") directed by Richie Mehta, cinematography by Jaime Reynoso, AMC
 HOUSE OF THE DRAGON (Pilot "The Heirs of the Dragon"), directed by Miguel Sapochnik, cinematography by Fabian Wagner, ASC, BSC
 IRMA VEP (S.1, Ep.7 "The Spectre"), directed by Olivier Assayas, cinematography by Denis Lenoir, AFC, ASC, ASK et Yorick Le Saux

 L(OO)PING, directed by Louise Narboni, cinematography by Pierre-Hubert Martin
 PARADISE, directed by Alexander Abaturov, cinematography by Paul Guilhaume, AFC
 THE WILD ONE, directed by Tessa Louise-Salomé, cinematography by Boris Levy

 JUNKYARD DOG, directed by Jean-Baptiste Durand, cinematography by Benoît Jaoul
 MAGNIFICAT, directed by Virginie Sauveur, cinematography by Noémie Gillot
 MARINETTE, directed by Virginie Verrier, cinematography by Xavier Dolléans, AFC
 UNE FEMME DE NOTRE TEMPS, directed by Jean-Paul Civeyrac, cinematography by Pierre-Hubert Martin